Bully Scholarship Edition

Bully is set in a made up place in England in a boarding school called Bulworth Academy.

You play as the 15 year old Jimmy Hopkins as he try's to fit in to his new school full of uncontrollable students and even weirder teachers. It has a good amount of funny and awkwardness that pulls you into this cinematic dynamic world we expect from Rockstar Games.

Game Plot

You start of getting dropped of by your mom and her new boyfriend at Bulworth Academy which Jimmy hates. Jimmy must now learn to cope with this new school with a blind headmaster who cant realize how crazy his school is being full of bullies and insane students trying to run this school. You help the 4 factions in the school the nerds, the jocks, the greasers and the preps while slowly making your way to the top.

Jimmy and Gary


The game-play style if you played Grand Theft Auto you will get this game very quickly as the system of how the missions work you do something then get money same as GTA style of missions. 
The PC controls are pretty good but some of the main buttons are too close to each other which can make it difficult to play. 

Jimmy stopping Bullies 

Shooting a prefect with a slingshot


The graphics are impressive for its time the people and animations look great most of the effort have gone into the people then the world but still looks good. The sounds aren't the best they seem pretty feint but you can tell what it is but mainly I think they have to many people set to talk at once which I find annoying when I am trying to go to the next mission.

Jimmy giving Chinese burn
Jimmy ignoring the bullies

Replay Value

As a Rockstar game this is a game you will enjoy over and over again with its interesting story, characters all with there own names and personalities, a fun unique open world and good customization of your character. 


In the end I feel if you enjoy Rockstar Classics you will enjoy this one with good open world, interesting character and good story I award this game a 7/10 mainly if you enjoy Rockstars game style you will enjoy this classic game.
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