Crash of the Titans

This the front cover for Crash of the Titans
Crash of the Titans is a 3D platform game published by Sierra Entertainment and developed by Vancouver-based Radical Entertainment for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable,Wii,Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS. It was release in October 2007.

It is a continuation on the Crash Bandicoot series.
The story is similar to most Crash Bandicoot games but there is a different like usual.Your objective in this game is to stop Dr Neo Cortex and his gang of evil villain from changing every cute and adorable animal into terrifying mutants.

This image is of the Good VS Evil Teams (Crash's Team VS Doctor Neo Cortex's Team)

Game Play and Control:

 The Game Play within Crash of the Titan is similar to most games that involve Crash Bandicoot. You fight enemy mutants you collect orbs of light instead of the apples that you used to collect.You also collect Tiki masks which are the extra collectible and also there are the quick press items that give invincible and also give health back and give a creative twist to help you fight the mutants.You can also take control of the mutants by throw your friend Aki Aki the tiki mask that there face to take control and used there unique abilities for yourself. The game play is fun there is even some side scroller levels that you can do and there are also mini-games where you can play riding mutants to collect orbs and tiki masks or you can play a rolling down hill mini-game.
But the game makes you relie 

Crash riding a Titan who is under Aki Aki control
There are multiple different island with different bosses and different Titans/Mutant you can fight.All the mutants are like mixtures of animals for example there is a mutant called Rhinostrich. There are three island and than there is Dr Neo Cortex's giant base which is a dancing robot in the centre of the map.

The controls are the standard DS controls.You use A to jump and double tap it to double jump.You use X to kick and Y to punch.If you upgrade your attacks you will be able to use new move and also new abilities.Most of the attacks are standard XXX or YYY to do spinning kicks or punches.


The Graphic within the game are cartoony and 3D they work well for the game because it actually give you a feeling like the old Crash Bandicoot games but not all the time it works because most attacks that involve your mutant are straight line and square or rectangle with a few exception.
This is a image of the game DS Hud. Your touch screen and your Top screen.


The Music changes based on the levels your playing the normal music for the hub areas are quiet peaceful and a sense of a adventure is about to start.But when your in the main adventure levels there is music that gives you a feel that a fight is about to happen.During the bosses fights there is that intense jungle theme music that gets you hyped for the fight.The mutants have there own sounds that they use and give off great sound even if sometimes it doesn't suit that creature.

Game Replay Value:

Crash of the Titans is a game where you complete and than go back to it a year later because it is like a new experience each time even if its not any different because it never change and its the same game but it give you a nostalgic feeling.It is a great that i haven't played in at least 2 years and now I remember why I loved playing the game even with its problem.
Crash With Aki Aki attacking Titan


Crash of the Titan is a great game if your up for a bit of fun and feel like destroying Dr Neo Cortex plans over and over again. It is not the same as the older games of Crash Bandicoot but it is still a pretty good game and I will always enjoy it but there are some problems with the game that will make me give it a 7/10 because the game was fun but not the exact type of game I would of wanted from the Crash series.

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