Dragon Quest IX :Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Dragon Quest 9

This is the ninth installment in the dragon quest series.This game like every other one in this franchises is aadventure, role playing game.This game was published in Japan in 2009 but in america it was released in 2010.It was the first game in this series that a game was intended for a hand held console which was the Nintendo DS.

The game starts after you finish customizing your character who will suddenly grow wings and fly away.

Create your character

The character you just created is flying in front of a waterfall and talking to your Master(teacher) Aquila about how you just become the guardian angel of a small village called Angel Falls. Also about how well you are doing, when Aquila spots people in danger and you have to fight off monster alongside Aquila to save them.Soon you have to return to the Observatory the home of all the celestial(angels). To offer the Benevolence to the great tree of life called Yggdrasil.
Offering benevolence to the world tree

In the middle of the offering the observatory is attack by unknown threat. While you the main character falls off the edge to land in a river at the base of the waterfall that you were flying in front of earlier. Which so happens to be in Angel falls .When you wake you no longer have your wings or halo and people can see you now. Now you will spend good a majority of the game trying to get back to the observatory to find out what is going on.


Game-Play and Controls

Fight Sequence 
You travel from town to town ,island to island defeating monsters and bosses to save everyone from the danger around them. As all the guardian angels of these towns and villages go missing. Therefore no other angels are allowed to come back to the moral realm as they would be in danger.You are the only one who can do it as you no longer look like an angel.And you also have to find and return the magical fruit called fyggs that the World Tree produced just before the attack. Where you fell, well these fruits fell along with you.But they are scattered across this world and you need to find them.Before they get into the wrong hands and you can be sure that they do exactly that and you have to defeat the boss to get them back.  

As you can see from the image above this is the fighting style.And you can use the touch screen to fight or the circle pad and A to select and confirm.The circle pad can also be used to move around.
One of the Seven Golden Fruits. The fyggs

Graphics and Sound 


As the game is kind of old the graphics are not that good compared to what we have nowadays. But something I've noticed is that the important characters have more detail than other characters. Where as the minor characters are all pix-elated and bit blurry. This is kind of handy as you know straight off who is important. Also who it is you need to help in the main story.
Cut Scene

But when there was a cut scene the quality is pretty good especially considering the year it was released. It not going to be as good in comparison to the graphics that we see nowadays.

The many different songs that play,  they are good but in comparison to some other video games songs these don't quite cut it for me as they are not really inspiring you to achieve the game objective.Each new area has its own theme song that suits their locations well.

Replay Value

Unfortunately there is only one game slot which means you have to delete your finished game to start again. So if you want to start again without losing your progress you will either need a second copy of the game or not delete the game in the first place. 


I quite enjoyed this game as it was the first role-playing game I have ever played and I have to say that the story was interesting.This game is good because after the main story is finished you still have so many side-quests to do that is still tided to the main story. Also those quests usually help people and increases your relationship with all the characters you met and who helped you in the story. The graphics are not as good as they could be. But the game was created in 2009. But the graphics are quite good for their time.

I would rate this game an 9/10 as the single save slot meant you couldn't replay the beginning or your favorite Dungeons.

Important Characters

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