Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is a very successful franchise that is set in a tropical paradise or so it seems. It is an open world first person shooter with some survival elements used by hunting prey or being hunted yourself.
If you have come for a nice relaxing vacation you will be sadly disappointed when you are captured by the insane pirates running this island.

Game Plot 

You play as Jason Brody a young male on vacation with his best friends and brother Grant. You are convinced by some random person to go skydiving to an island. Being the young and silly people they are they all go with no hesitation. One minute they are having fun sky diving the next your tied up in a cage were we meet the main villain of the game Vaas the completely mentally unstable leader of the pirates who has also captured your friends. Vaas gives you a terrifying speech for a few minutes and then leaves you with your brother Grant. Grant and you escape and you have to make it  as far as you can until Vaas finds you and kills Grant in front of you. Jason escapes from Vaas and meets up with the militia and joins them with the hope to save his friends and get of the island.
Jason Brody
Unstable Vaas


The controls are pretty standard to any other first person shooter built to make you the best at killing stuff. Unique to most games it includes a creator mode to make your own levels, post them and play other user created levels. This opens up tones of opportunities and is a creative idea that other games should do.

Map Editor


The game has taken a huge leap since Far Cry 2 to now with a new engine and they are really pushing the consoles limits but still manages to look amazing. The pure beauty of the island is something I will never get sick of seeing it each time I play. It gets even better with your wing-suit you unlock giving you the ability to sore across the sky. They really put effort into the sounds by making the jungle sound immersive to make you believe it such as the animals. That moment when you hear that growl I always pause in fear of what might come out of the bushes to give me another challenge.

Pretty Scenery

Replay Value

If a game with an intense story-line multiple endings, choices to make throughout with interesting characters that feel like actual people, Tones of secrets and collectibles hidden throughout the island, outposts to take over filled with pirates, many unique animals to hunt and skin, customize your weaponry also  equipment, Co-op missions to play with friends and very fluid creative mode doesn't interest you then there no help for you.

Wing-suit Near Miss

Don't Look Down


To finish up I really enjoyed this game throughout with the right amount of everything put into a really fun game. I decided to give Far Cry 3 a very well earned 10/10 a great experience in every sense and really excited to see what the franchise creates next.

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