Just Cause 2

Explosive Front Cover

Just Cause developed by Avalanche Studios set in the explosive open world country of Panau. You play as the very good one liner and explosives expert Rico Rodriguez. Like in the first Just Cause you are there to take down an evil dictator by destroying propaganda causing as much chaos as possible and taking back Panau for the people.

Game Plot

The main objective in this game is to cause the greatest amount of chaos to take Panau for the people and you receive help from the three factions the Reapers, Roaches and the Ular boys while trying to achieve your duties to the agency with help from Tom Sheldon who has gone rogue and was your teacher. The story is very well spread out but I doubt the story is the reason people play it.
Blowing everything up why JUST CAUSE

Rico taking down some of the Panau army


There is a lot you can do in this game with its really good physics engine allows for some amazing moments especially with the grappling hook it never gets old pulling an enemy towards me and shooting them in the air. Manly the reason i play is for the game play alone as its done really well.

Causing Chaos


This game I must say looks really good for its time its aged really well but the main area to see this is on the PC. The way the world looks it makes me randomly stop and look while I am getting shot in the back. The sounds are very impressive it makes me want to constantly explode random stuff just to get that sweet sound of victory as you feel rewarded for doing it as that's the main concept.

Beautiful Free-fall

Replay Value

To me you will spend a huge amount of time at Just Cause 2, the map is gigantic there is something new every few feet, the scenery is just amazing and having a grappling hook and infinite parachutes make for a fun experience. Even if you finish the story and collect all the collectibles to 100% completion it is still one of the best games in its era but least known.
Can Rico get a lift
Rico borrowing a boat


I really enjoyed playing this game if you are looking for a deep story and interesting characters this is not that it exceeds in knowing its a game spending most of its time making the game play as fun and fluid as possible which they do very well here. My final opinion is that if you like to play a game that knows it is then buy Just Cause 2 as it delivers on this in every way. I award Just Cause 2 a 10/10 for deliver a brilliant gaming experience. 

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