Kingdoms Hearts 1.5 HD Remix

Kingdom Hearts Front Cover Split in half
Kingdom Hearts H.D 1.5 Remix is an HD remastered collection of the kingdom hearts series, developed by Square Enix for the PlayStation 3. It was released on 14th of March 2013.
The HD remix has three games within it but we will be focusing on Kingdom Hearts 1 HD Remake.
It has Kingdom Hearts 1 , Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories.

The Kingdom Hearts story is about a young boy named Sora and revolves around some new character, some of Disney's most memorable characters and some Final Fantasy character make appearance like Cloud. The objective of the game is to save the worlds that have been consumed by darkness and to also save your friends Riku and Kairi from the darkness aswell. The way you do this is by fighting your way through the main enemy of the game the Heartless and the only weapon you can use to damage the enemies in the game is the Keyblade. A magical key that is able to unlock any lock. With the help of Donald and Goofy you fight through the heartless until you find your friends.

Game-play and Controls:

The game was only released on to the Playstation 3 so you have your standard joystick controls to move around and your arrow keys to use your menu and use your your X , Square,Triangle and circle buttons to help fight within the game.
This shows some of the combat within the game and the game HUD

The game play is quite fun and also has a lot of different ways to fight within the game. You can go up close and personal or you can fight mid-range by throwing your Keyblade or by using speed moves that make you fly across a short area or you can fight with magic that long range and destroy your enemies. Either way you want to fight it is still fun and there are also the tournament within the Coliseum world

This is a map of all the worlds you go to in Kingdom Hearts 1


The Graphics within this game are cartoon-like in nature and remind you of a Disney cartoon or movie which gives you a great sense of nostalgia and lets you enjoy the game like a movie.
A look at the graphics


The music and sounds within the game are some of the most remember-able out of most games for me. When I first got this version of the game, I haven't played kingdom hearts within 3 years but as soon as I started playing , I remember the sounds and music and remembering all the good memories of this game from when I was younger.

Replay Value:

The replay value is high in my opinion especially around this time because the Kingdom Hearts series are about to release Kingdom Hearts 3 and this means that Kingdom Hearts fans are replaying the old games. Even without this fact I would still say there is great replay value because people who like good story-lines and Disney/Final Fantasy characters like Donald,Goofy and Cloud than you will enjoy the game and play it over and over again.
This is a image of one of Sora Moves called Impact


This game is one of my all-time favorite games and I still cant stop playing it and I can't wait for the next expansion of the series. There is a lot more story included in this game and it is very hard to keep up with so people would have a tough time playing it without knowing the full story and also have a tough time keeping up with the story if they haven't started yet.
But I would rate this game a 9.5/10 because the music , the graphics and game play are amazing but the problem is how detailed the story is and how hard it is to keep up and is the only reason why I would give it a less than 10/10 rating.

Image of Main character from the Kingdom Hearts Story

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