League of Legends

League of Legends is a 3D, third-person MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game published by Riot Games at the end of October 2009. League of Legends is free-to-play game available for Windows and Mac OS. In the game you are a "summoner" that takes control of selected "champion" and battle against other "champions". Every champion starts with level 1 and its pretty weak, but by earning kills, assists and killing minions you level up (max level 18) and equip yourself with weapons, armors and potions. Each champion has different roles, skills and abilities. Players compete in matches, usually lasting between 20 to 60 minutes. The main goal of the game is to destroy enemies "nexus" that lies at each base and its protected by defensive towers.

With each victory you gain experience and level up your account know as "summoner". Once you reach level 30 you are able to compete in ranked games where more serious players play.

Game Controls

Since the game is published for PC, you only use your keyboard and a mouse. By right clicking a mouse you move around the map, and simple attack enemies. Q, W, E, R, are champions special abilities. From 1 to 6 are your items, so by clicking them you can drink potions and use special abilities that some of the items have. By scrolling your mouse you adjust zoom. By holding ALT and left mouse button you can send pings and alerts to notify teammates of enemies creeping up on them or ask for assistance.

Graphics & Sound

The graphics in League of Legends are nice and simple. I like the cartoony look of it. The animation is smooth and colors are bright. I would give it 10/10.
As for the sound, well the sound is just ok. There is nothing special about it, but each character has its own set of voice-overs, and skills have its own sound effects. I would give it 8/10.

Replay Value

Leauge of Legends is an endless fun as the game is Online. Its very addictive and it most definitely have you logging back in, to play more games and unlock more champions.


First of all its a free-to-play game! I think this game is fun and interesting. A lot of champions to pick from and experience different abilities. I like the way you can create your own team with your friends and que up in ranked game modes.

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