Legend of Zelda : Link Between Worlds

Art Work of Hyrule and Lorule  

The Legend of Zelda series is a fantasy,action-adventure and puzzle-solving game and one of the most well known and beloved franchises to date.

Amongst these many games in this Franchises is Link Between Worlds(2013) in the downfall timeline and a direct sequel to Link to the Past.(so for all you long time fans it might seem familiar.)

Same world New time 

The game starts with of course our Hero Link sleeping in due to him having a nightmare of something dark and evil coming to attack Hyrule. Soon he wakes up with the help of his friend Gulley and we learn that he is the blacksmiths apprentice, and is in trouble for being late but instead of being yelled at you are given a job to do which leads you to meet the villain of this game Yuga.

And as he is a lover of beautiful things he has simply visited Hyrule to see the sights.He began to hunt down and change all the descendants of the seven sages into paintings and bring them back to his world Lorule. Now it's up to Link to save the painting sages and stop whatever evil deed Yuga is planning.

GamePlay and Controls

Heads Up Display

You see the world in a heads up display.It's so rare that there are zelda games with this type of display. I have to say I enjoyed playing the game like this and it was nice to see the cut scenes from a different point of view.

In many Zelda games over the years you always get the items/weapons out of dungeons in order to beat the boss and advance in the game. However this is one of the few Zelda games in the series to allow you to buy or rent the items you need so you can go to whatever dungeon you want in any order. This gives the player a sense of freedom and choice in what you want to do.

Items you can rent/buy

And this all thanks to your new friend Ravio.

Ravio and his pet bird Sheerow

Another new feature in this game is that link can transform into a painting of himself this is a new, interesting and fun concept.This is useful in all the dungeons and the two worlds you can travel to. You can also use this form to get to many other platforms and it will also allow you to achieve many objectives in the game and to get through the many portals to Lorule and  I cannot emphasize how many times I used this technique to dodge attacks from monsters.

Link's painting form

A Portal to Lorule

The controls for this game are pretty basic you use the circle pad to move around and B to swing the master sword and A to merge with and exit the wall. You use the touch screen to see your map for Hyrule and Lorule and access your items and gear, while X and Y will be used to access your items.

Touch screen controls 

Graphics and Sound

I adore the graphic style choice that was used, it shows a well defined and detailed world filled with a beautiful color scheme.As you can see from the images above Hyrule is a bright and colourful place where as Lorule is dark and dull.

The music is just amazing for both Hyrule and Lorule as both worlds have their own different orchestrated theme songs as they are well suited to each worlds over all theme  which you hear while you travel through them.Each dungeon has its own theme song which suits the atmosphere and location of the dungeon whether its in Hyrule or Lorule. 

Replay Value 

I think that the replay value is pretty good as I've already played the game three times and going for the fourth. The reasons for this is that I love the story no matter how many times I play and because you have access to buy/rent or find all the items/weapons you need early in the game you can go and replay the game but completely differently this time.Thanks to this you can play your favorite dungeons or least favorite in any order you want.

And also thanks to street pass you can fight against a shadow link and gain or lose money.

Shadow Link


I love playing this game mainly for its amazing story line and for the few plot twists that I don't see coming the first time I played it as I was to busy playing, enjoying and figuring of 
out where to go next , how to solve a puzzle or beat a boss.Which is strange for me as I enjoy the story the most when I play a game but in this case the game play detracted me enough that I wasn't paying enough attention to the story which has not happened to me before.And when I played the game again I couldn't understand how I missed them the first time.
I love being able to turn into a painting it saves my live so many times.Its an awesome feature that I would love to see in a zelda game again somehow.

Even if your not a long time Zelda fan you can enjoy this game for its new and fun concept and the story and the character you meet and help/save 

I would rate this game 10/10 as I've replayed this game more times than I have with any other game and it is one of my favorite titles in the Zelda franchises.

Beautiful Art Work for the Game 

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