Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

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This is the earliest game in the Zelda series timeline.It is the sixteenth installment in this franchise. It follows the usually genre of fantasy and action-adventure and puzzle solving elements.

The beginning of the game takes place on an island floating in the sky call Skyloft. Where we will find a young Link and Zelda. Who both attend Skyloft Academy and Link has to prepare for an up-coming annual Wing Ceremony which is important to advance and become a Knight of Skyloft.

Zelda going to save Link

Soon after the Wing Ceremony Link and Zelda going off on their own to finish the last part of the Ceremony together.They soon go flying together and this is where good moments turn bad as a tornado traps Zelda and her guardian bird (which is called a Loftwing) and drags them both down to the surface.Its up to Link to go down to the abandoned and forgotten surface world to find his friend and bring her back home safely.

Game-play and Controls

There are many items you can use in this game some familiar bombs and the bow and arrows and some new items.Such as a whip and a flying mechanical beetle that you can use to either get to a new area by swinging across a ledge or getting an item off of a ledge that you can't reach or picking it up and bringing it over to you.


You use the nun chuck to move and A to run. Z to target something and B to use an items.Swing the Wii remote to swing your sword.
This uses the Wii Motion Plus for the Wii to track the Wii remote so your sword swings are more accurate. Unfortunately its a bit too particular so it makes it difficult to get the right angle to swing the sword.

Graphics and Sound 

The graphics are a cartoony realism.This makes the games world look beautiful. 

Beautiful Graphics 

The music is orchestrated and is the first game to use this version in the game.This allows you to hear these amazing orchestrated pieces during the game.  

Replay Value

The game has three save slots, a great story and fun dungeons.You will definitely be playing this game again.


I love this game for its interesting dungeons.Also some of the new concepts such as for the water temple is so original and fun. When you were playing it didn't feel like it was the water as there were only a few water aspects.Also how the top part was so bright and beautiful where as the bottom part of this dungeon was so dark and creepy you never would have guessed that you were currently in the water temple.They need more water temples like this. 

It has a fun and new concepts with the dungeons and story.This game really is enjoyable and the main characters personality are well rounded.  

I would rate this game 9/10 as trying to get the right angle to swing the sword was a bit annoying at times as it should have been a fluent motion.That should have been easy to achieve. 

These two are both Beautiful Fan Arts

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