Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Fan Art
Twilight Princess is the thirteenth installment in this franchise.It was also the first game to be duel released on two different consoles, the game-cube and the Wii . It is also released on the Wii U as a HD remake.This game takes place 100 years after Ocarina of time and Majora Mask.Also the Link in this game is a direct descendant from the Ocarina of time and Majora Mask Link.It also take place in the child timeline.It takes on a dark theme like Majora Mask.This is an fantasy action-adventure game. 

One day your home village Ordon is attacked by Bulbins who kidnap the village children and the mayors daughter but they knock Link out. But as soon as he wakes up he runs to follow after them. But soon comes face to face with a wall of darkness with weird symbols on it  

Upon entering the twilight zone Link transforms into a wolf and passes out due to the pain.You wake up in a dungeon cell chained to the ground.There you meet a well beloved character in the Zelda series Midna. She breaks the chain for you so you two escape together.Then she reminds you that the village kids and your friend Lila are still missing and could be in danger.

So you travel across all of Hyrule looking for Colin, Beth, Malo, Talo and Lila.All while hunting down and collecting the tears of light that was stolen from the Light Spirits.

Your journey to find and save your friends and later to save Hyrule begins. 

Wall to Twilight Zone

Once again you will see a cut scene of link's very painfully transforming into a Wolf.

Wolf  Link

Link and Midna Friendship

Game-play and Controls 

Link is our ever sword wielding hero but this is not the only weapon he uses 
Some of the other weapons are  
Bow and arrow 
Ball and chain 



These are the items you will use throughout the game.

This game also released a new type of arrow which is the bomb arrow.

Midna is a great help on this journey as she can help you fast travel and transforming Link into whichever he needs and to target yours(especially in wolf). She also gives Link a special move while in wolf form. 

While in your wolf form you can fight and use your animal instincts to see scent traits and spirits.Later in the game you can use your wolf form to travel great distance easily.Also in human form you can use Epona to travel across Hyrule.
Human Form Fighting

Wolf Form Fighting

As I played the Wii version I will be talking about Wii remote and nun chuck controls.
The motion controls for the Wii remote allows the Wii controller to act as the Master Sword.You can also use the motion controls to aim your bow and arrow with great accuracy. 

Aiming the Bow and Arrow 

Graphics and Sound 

This is the first and so far only Zelda game that uses photo realistic graphics.This is why in 2006 Twilight Princess won the best graphics award.

Beautiful Graphics 
Twilight Princess has one of the best sound tracks in the series as it sounds as serious and dark as the game looks. All Zelda games music are orchestrated unfortunately even thought the songs for this game were orchestrated they were not used in the game.After hearing the orchestrated version you wonder why this version wasn't used in the game as it sounds way better this way. 

Replay Value 

There are three save slot for you to play the game again and if you really enjoyed the story you will play it again,again and again.


The plot for this game is one of the most in depth, dark and interesting story lines for this series.It also really gets you involved with the many people, Gorons and Zoras of Hyrule.You can see how the twilight realm attacking Hyrule has effected the people in villages as they are scared of the monsters and the sudden darkness around them and also they fear for their missing people.We also see it with the Gorons as they close themselves off from the Hylians for reasons only their elder knows.And with the Zora's as they are worried and grieving for their Royal family

The graphics used for this game makes it look beautiful and dark.I just adore this realistic graphics.If you are the type of person who love beautiful and detailed graphics or amazing and interesting story-lines then this is the game for you.

The enemy A.I could be a whole lot better as they don't really defend themselves against your attacks.So because of this people said its too easy.

The Boss battles were great as you use different concepts than any other Zelda game to kill them but again its to easy because after three hits they are down so if they increase the bosses HP and make them do something to defend themselves it will make the boss battles longer and not as easy to kill.This will solve the main problem that people have with this game. 

I would rate this game 10/10 as personally I value story and graphics and interesting game play (Which Zelda always brings to their games) more than anything in the games that I play.

Another few reason I love this game as its not the first Zelda game I've played but it is the one that got me into this awesome and fun franchise. Also wolves are one my favourite animal so being able to turn into one really made this game for me.

Also because the HD remake is coming out soon I'm sure they will use the orchestrated version of the songs and improve the enemy A.I and maybe add some new features to this game.

I have not played Twilight Princess HD yet so I can't comment on this game.But if i play this later on I will tell you there what the different's are and if the points I made above  are improved on. 


Some fan arts for this game that I liked 
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