Meet the Robinsons


In the movie we know that Wilbur is the reason that the second time machine is stolen but there in the game we play as Wilbur and we see and play through his time travel joy rides.And everything is........ kind of fine.

Until the day he goes back to the day of the science fair looking for the Bowler hat guy (the first time) and accidentally messes up Stanley and Lizzie's science projects and this disrupts the time stream in the process. This creates an alternate future where Queen Lizzie and Emperor Stanley are in control of this new and dark future.And now its up to (you)Wilbur to set things right by defeating the new emperor and queen and returning back to when he messed up the time stream in the first place. Everything you do in the game is what happened before Wilbur showed up in the movie.Now we know why he was so nice to them when he saw them.It all makes sense now.

GamePlay and Controls

You follow Wilbur through 6 different locations. If you think that's small you have 40 missions to complete in the entire game.This game is an action-adventure and you experience this in every mission you must achieve. A few of these locations are ancient Egypt, the Robinson Home and the alternate future. There is also a few mini games you can play one even helps you progress in the game.
Fighting Security Bots 

You use the nun-chuck to walk and run around. A and B to activate or use weapons and items. By pressing 1 you can talk to Carol for advice. A can also be used to talk to people. You can also use  Z to targets an enemy or object.

Graphics and Sound  

The art style are very similar to the movie with some slight changes with the characters eyes.That all look a little weird to me. The graphics were an animated style, but it has a rough edge in their presentation that was not in the animated movie which was smooth and was presented better.

The voice acting in this game is done by the same voice actors and actress.The main music that you will hear most often which will play when you are in the Robinson home has a nice beat to it.The songs for the different locations are well suit to the theme of adventure as they are all up beat and lively.

Replay Value

The replay value lies with the mini games as the game is not considered 100% complete if you didn't pass all of the mini games even if you are finished main story of the game. So if you're the type of person that will find this annoying you will return to complete the mini games to fully clear the entire game.

One of the Mini Games


This is fun and action packed game. if you're someone that quite enjoyed the movie then the way this game shows you what happened with Wilbur before he appeared in the movie is quite interesting.It also explains the reason why he was so careful around Lizzie and Stanley as he did not want a repeat of the once alternate future. It's a nice continuity between the two social media of the movie and the video game. One that was well thought out. I would love to play a video game that is closely linked to its movie again.

I would rate this game 7/10 as it was a good game but I felt it could have been longer.Also as it was so short it doesn't feel satisfying at all when you beat the boss as it feels its unfinished.

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