Mount And Blade: Warband

Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount & Blade: Warband is the first sequel to the action role-playing video game Mount & Blade.It was developed by a Turkish company called TaleWorlds Entertainment.

The game revolves around your character and the objective of the game is to fight in battles and sieges. There are six kingdoms within the game that you can ally with. You have the choice to be a mercenary or a lord. The kingdoms are The Nords, The Veagirs, Kingdom of Swadia, The Khergit Khanate, The Rhodoks and Sarraind Sultanate. They are all made up kingdoms that fight over the land of Calradia. Each kingdom has a King and each kingdom has lords within them. You can fight against these lords in many situation for example tournaments are hosted in big city where a feast is going on and you could end up fighting a lord in one of the tournament rounds.

There is a world map where you have a Top/around view of your character and his army. You click a point on the map and your character moves to it but depending on the situation you might get attacked by a bandit army or a lord army so you must keep watch on the screen. You must keep your army fed and you must also pay them otherwise your morale would go down and your man will abandon you. You can get a companion within the game that have there own back stories.

Game-play and control:

There are some companion that don't get along and complain about each other while there are others who get all quiet well and praise each other. There is a multiplayer in this game where you can fight other player and test how good at the game you are.

Castle under siege

Your controls for the screen above are left click to move by clicking on any part of the map but there is also a third-person and also a first-person point of view . Enter first person POV when on the battle field or in a town by pressing R. You move in this mode by using WASD and you swing your weapons or shoot your weapon with left click.


The Graphics within this game are quite amazing maybe not so much on the main map screen and not the detail of the character faces but the fact that the armor and the weapons and quite detailed and so are the towns and villages

Graphics within the Town
The towns look amazing and give a nice feeling when you are within them. Most of the time when your in the towns its peaceful but you can also besiege these towns and take them from other kingdoms or lose them to other kingdoms.


The music within the game fits the medieval theme. Within the times of battle the music is intense. Within a peaceful city it is a peaceful tune of good times or of bad times depending on the financial situation of the village or town. Tavern are places of trade or buying of military units.
The music within the tavern is upbeat because of the trading. The characters in battle shout war cry and they also scream in pain or scream for victory.


Replay Value:

The replay value of the game depends on the fact that your willing to put in the hours to play another story line with another kingdom or make your own kingdom grow and take over Calradia. The fact that you can make your own kingdom and not just work for a kingdom that has already made this great fun and enjoyable game. I have replayed this game at least 6 times so I would recommend this game to be replayed.

Multiplayer map layout


Mount & Blade: Warband is a game for people who like strategy style type of games you will enjoy this game and all the combat because you can actually control your units as a character on the ground.
I will give this game a 9/10 just because multiplayer within the game has several bugs.

Siege of Dhrirm Swadian town

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