Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is a open world set in Hong Kong developed by United Frost Games you work for the triads while trying to keep your cover as a cop.

Game Plot

You play as the character Wei Shen who has returned from America and giving the task from the police to infiltrate The Sun On Yee triad and take them down. 

Meeting Winston

Game Play/Controls

The the game play has a good feel you have your normal movement in any third person but with the addiction of parkour system makes for great sequences in missions and gives variety. You get to drive cars with the exception of being able to jump to a different vehicle from your own car making chase scenes by police that more fun in some cases.

Wei beating up some thugs
Wei shooting some rivals


The graphics for the old consoles still hold pretty well they designed the world well and the people look good.  They brought out a Definitive Edition with improved graphics and textures. The sound is done really well they really capture and make you feel like your in Hong Kong.

Wei Shen

Replay Value

The game is a very enjoyable experience with good story line and unique open world and many collectibles to keep you interested. If you plan to get it start with the Definitive Edition as it has graphical upgrades and has all Downloadable Content in there for you giving even more experience for you to enjoy.


Sleeping Dogs is a really fun game it has a lot of content for any player to enjoy so i give it a 7/10. Its a fun experience but it can get very repetitive at times they kept some of the main quests in the same area they didn't do much with the world its just kinda there.

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