Team Fortress 2

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Team Fortress 2 is a team first-person shooter multiplayer online game.It has multiple different classes as such as spy, solider and heavy.Each classes has it own unique abilities and weapons.There also multiple different maps and modes you can do such as king of the hill, mann vs machine and gold rush.

There is not much of a story to talk about. Its basically two rival companies that are owned by brothers red and blue.They hire teams of people (you the players) to fight each other to defend and protect each companies assets each company you work for.

Game-Play and Controls

You fight the opposite team with a variate of weapons.You can also upgrade those weapons by making them shoot faster or buy more bullets but only in certain game modes.Something else you can upgrade is your character by making them fire resistance or to run/move faster. Another game modes is to capture points of importance or to transport a bomb to the enemy base.

W to move forward, S to move backwards , A to move to the left and D to move to the right.
left click to shoot and right click to use special ability for only some weapons.If you press G your character will taut others characters. They're taut depend on what your weapon is.Some taut can actually kill your enemy.  

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are animated realistic.This game look great and feels real.


There is voice acting within the game.Its done for humor purposes.When you are playing the game your characters are going to talk and they will say stuff like "Who is the coward that is not ready yet". 

Replay Value 

It has good replay value as you can play it multiple times with many of your friends.


I enjoyed playing this game with my friends.As you can play with or against each other.
I would rate this game 7/10 as I don't have much experience with the game.

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