XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a turn-based tactical video game developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. It was released on the 9th of October 2012. It earned the VGX Award for the Best PC Game and also earned the BAFTA Games Award For Strategy.

The games story follows your organization which is known as XCOM which is a secret organization made to fight against alien invaders. The Governments of important countries around the world like the United States , United Kingdom , Russia and etc, are funding your projects. You and your organization must stop the invasion at all costs. For the faith of Humanity.

Game-play and Controls:

The game-play would be above/side-view. Each unit control can have different classes. There are 4 classes Sniper, Heavy, Assault and Support. Each one is good that its own traits. Sniper long distance, Heavy mid-range as well as long range rockets with the support a mid-range medic or a smoke grenade protector and than you have the assault who runs in head first for up close and personal encounters. You fight against many different aliens who all have there own benefits but also have there disadvantages. Some have low health but have damaging weapons and abilities while other have crazy health and not that good abilities.
On the battlefield view and graphics
I played the PlayStation 3 version so I will be talking about these controls.
The controls involve using the analog sticks to move across a long distance and each of your character can only move twice or have two movements so you can click to move up slowly or move super quickly in without a care.
You can click different areas to throw grenades or aim rockets and the game is controlled mostly by left click.
View of the base view and its a base with the most of the facilities


The graphics within this game is quite nice and peaceful but the detail is impressive especially with the fire and damage of the map you play on or what the situation involves. But there are a bit of problems with the character designs. There is no detail in the human characters but it seems they went all out with the aliens details but not for the humans.
Image of Alien


The sounds within the game are quite mysterious and ominous within the maps because the music is very mysterious and also the fact you can hear the alien without seeing them is also a good fact to make the game even better.
Image of Character

Replay Value:

The replay value is high and there is a lot of different ways you can play this you can put your base in Europe, Asia , Africa, South America and North America. The game can be played rushed or slow and there is also a new XCOM 2 coming out this year so fans are playing the game as you are reading this.


The game is very good but it is also very difficult even on lower difficulties because there is always the fact that you can get sneaked up on by the enemy when they have fight level weapons.
I give this game a 8.5/10 because its a great game with great sounds but the game is based on random events than a story which its suppose to play out

Image of entrance cut scene

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