Monster Hunter: World.

The intro begins with the narrator talking about "brothers and sisters" joining the Fifth Fleet and that by boarding this ship, the ship the player will be travelling on that there will be no turning back. The narrator says that the next time you touch the ground you will be in the new world. You proceed to board the ship and meet a man and woman who say that they are A list hunters,a select few who have boarded the ship. The man and woman say that beasts called elder dragons migrate to the new world for some reason and that the research commission set up by the Guild have ordered the Fifth Fleet to send a ship to investigate why these elder dragons travel here. The man tells us that the Research Commission has been running for forty years and that the guild is looking for answers and that they think the fifth fleet have what it takes to get the job done. The man agrees. The woman then asks the player is they have found a partner yet since A list hunters work in teams of two. Another woman runs to a window of the ship to see something. The player approaches to see who she is and what she is doing. The woman says that the waves are picking up and that must mean landfall is near. She happens to also be an A list hunter.

 Straight after it appears that a storm or something is coming up from out of the sea. The ship which you are travelling on has been lifted out of the water being thrown around as you are clinging for dear life. You proceed to fall from the ship with the woman you had just met. You awake to find your ship sitting atop a rock helpless. The woman now named The Handler tells you to escape as its not safe and the ship appears to be falling. She tells you to get to higher ground where you meet some wyverns. The Handler then tells you to jump where you fire a rappel hook onto a wyvern and escape.

You can now see that what you were standing on was a large creature of some kind. You also see first glance of the new world or a section of it. It appears as a large lush forest full of greenery and shrubbery. You encounter a base camp where The Handler finds a map. You open to see a section of the larger map. You are at the base camp which is at the lower west section of the map. The Handler says that you must make it to the Research Commissions camp which is past four areas to the east. You encounter two reptilian beasts but the second is eaten by an Anjanath. A t-rex looking creature. You then meet another male character by the name of Field Team Leader who helps you to reach the gate of Astera, the base operations for the Fifth Fleet. You also regroup with the an and woman you also met on the ship.The Field Team leader says that where you are is the trade yard. It has hunters to do exploring,scholars to do research and technicians to keep them going. You then proceed to follow the Field Team Master further into the camp.
In my opinion the opening is very interesting and exciting. The drama and action blend really well to create the sense of urgency and danger upon first controlling the character. The scene in which you see your ship hanging from a rock shows what is at stake and gives you a great adrenaline rush to escape. Your first encounter with reptilian creatures show us the beauty and color of the creatures even though we cannot fight them because of the absence of our weapons. The spectacular ferocity of the Anjanath which attacks one of the reptilian creatures is seen in its full glory when we are about to enter the gate of Astera. All together i think the intro is an excellent start to the game and shows us whats tO come very well.

The game character with a four man Co-op team about to slay a large elder dragon.

The story involves an organisation called the Guild who have set up the Research Commission who have sent the fifth fleet to a new continent called the new world. The purpose of this voyage is to find these large creatures called elder dragons. These elder dragons come in different colors and come with different abilities. An example of this is the elder dragon Nergigante. This elder dragon has six limbs and two wings. Its body is covered in rows of black spikes used for fighting adversaries. When the spikes are young they appear white. It also has two large horns which represent a bull. The Nergigante is also able to regenerate at a rapid rate. When its spikes are broken on its tail,back or arms are broken off they will immediately grow back. The spikes will be white in color when fully formed and when left to harden will turn black and will deal more damage to enemies and repel attacks. Nergigante is a pretty aggressive monster and will continue to fight you even when its own body is injured from attack. It will go after anything without thinking for a second and especially if a person or creature tries to attack it. The main objectives for the player is addressed when the research commissions commander tells the fifth fleet that they are curious to why Zorah Magdaros has come to the new world which happens every ten years and gives orders to the fifth fleet and to the player to set up various camps which have been shown by Zorah Magdaros going to the new world and to clear out and kill any monsters which they might find.

Gameplay showing the main character fighting two flying wyverns.
Monster Hunter World is an open world action role-playing game with a third person perspective. It is similar to previous games in the series as the player takes the helm of an A list hunter that travels to a new continent called the new world, a huge piece of land with no human existence and plenty of monsters around to join the Research Commission in hunting and killing or capturing these large monsters from the central base of operations in Astera. The players character itself does not have any special abilities but rather the players abilities are defined by the weapons they acquire throughout the game. These weapons come in fourteen different archetypes which are Bow,Charge blade,Dual blade,Sword,Gunlance,Hammer,Heavy Bowgun,Hunting Horn,Insect Glaive,Lance,Light Bowgun,Long Sword,Switch Axe and the Sword and Shield. All of these weapons define the abilities the players character can use further into the game and the pieces of armor which can be beneficial to the player or be deadly combat skills if matched in the right order. Some of the basic equipment in the game can be bought with in game currency but overall the equipment is mostly built from loot which is acquired by killing or trapping monsters,rewards from completing quests,or objects obtained in the field. This in turn creates a so called loop of gameplay which means that the player can fight low difficulty monsters and collect loot to build better weapons so they can take on bigger and more powerful monsters and receive better equipment.

 After continuing to go on a quest or to go on an open ended expedition, the player is brought to a base camp in one region of six of the new world Each region is numbered and in zones and are seamlessly connected. There is also no loading screens when travelling between the zones which saves game time. A player must walk or run through each zone to get there but they can quick travel to any of the base camps in any one region when not fighting. From the camp sites the player can rest to restore their health and have a meal which provides limited buffs to the player. The player can then go out into the wilderness to hunt and kill monsters with the aid of scout flies. These hover or go to signs where large monsters have been. These flies can also highlight resources such as insects,ores,flora,bones. Investigate the traces of the monster can lead to improving the scout flies abilities for quests that can eventually lead to enabling them to lead the player via their glowing path of flight towards the monster which they are looking for. Investigating these help the player to obtain research towards the monster that helps them gain insight on its particular strengths,weaknesses and behavior. In my opinion the gameplay is quite challenging when facing a monster of large proportions but easily defeated with the right tools. The character controls are quick and responsive with easy manoeuvrability. The HUD is also well placed with the health bar placed in the top left and the mini map placed in the bottom left. The updates tab which appears after completing an objective is well placed on the right hand side which can be seen easily. 
A screenshot of the main character at the tradeyard with fellow players

The graphics in Monster Hunter: World are pretty impressive with heavy detail put into the design of the characters and the monsters with slightly more detail on the monsters. The monsters feature really vibrant colors from bright reds and dark reds mixed with black to bright greens and blues. The attacks used by the monsters also have colorful attributes like smoke and wind emanating from the creatures. The characters are also very well designed with emphasis on medieval style clothing as we see linen fabrics to leather and suede. There is also indian style elements within the clothing as there is woven patterns seen in the clothing. The many layers of clothing seen on a lot of characters gives this warrior look meant to give a tough impression. In my opinion i think that the graphics look amazing with the details on the monsters including colors and textures and styles superb. 

An Anjanath. One of the many large monsters found withing the game.

The audio in the game is quite boisterous and mighty with loud drum backgrounds complimented by violins and and pianos. The drum sounds give the sense of urgency when played fast and when played slowly give the sense of impending danger. The high pitch of the violins also give the sense of dnager when aired with the drums. When in a fight with a monster the music speeds up to create a more energetic approach to when slaying it. The music also heightens tension for the player and make the experience feel more real as the player fights the monsters. In my opinion the music compliments the setting of the game well and reflects the epic size of not only the monsters but also the games map.

The main character beside two creatures found in the game wielding a large sword.

In my conclusion i think that the game is expertly made with several elements of it earning it this appreciation. Between the artistic look of the monsters and time and development gone into their look and the artistic looks of the characters and palecos they are very detailed and well made and would rival any fantasy role playing games characters. The beautiful new world map is amazingly colorful and very real looking with the lush forestry,greenery and shrubbery looking almost like real life. The names of each of the monsters are also interesting with names like Zorah Magdavos,Nergigante and Vaal Hazak. The audio is also empowering and makes the player feel more immersed in the game when fighting the monsters. The overall appeal of the game from the front cover to the finished piece is cool all the way. The replayability is really good as the game allows single player to four player Co-op and online multiplayer and the fat that you can constantly improve your characters weapons and abilities makes us come back for more and more. The pricing is a bit steep at $59.99 and £43.99 store price. It is a well developed game with excellent character and enemy design but with a steep price tag,players could opt out for a similar game just for the moment or wait until the sales period to snag this beautiful game. I give it a 8/10 for me. 

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