Detroit become human is an Adventure game

Writer of the game are: David Cage Adam williams

Composer Philip Sheppard

Producer Sophie Buhl

Initial release date May 25, 2018

Detroit become human

is a Survival Adventure game the game rotates what ever choices you make and the choices you make effect the story

it is developed by Quantic Dream the creators of such games like Beyond Two SoulHeavy Rain and many games like them. It  is exclsive to PlayStation 4.


The story is based around 2038 in Detroit, Michigan City, a beautiful city. Looking closer you can see how the world is affected by androids and how humans are in 2038. The war begins due to Humanity's need for slaves. They have created robots to use as butlers but as time goes on humans lose their jobs to these robots which have their own plans as they want to become human. People aren't happy with new androids taking their jobs and androids want to be human.

The thing that I notice is that humans have become lazy and have created their own slaves as you can see in the picture above people buying the robots. The humans in this game feel worthless unless they buy whats new and poular, like these androids, but it makes you forget about older humans in this game as they are being replaced by robots and left on the streets. A perfect example of that is if you are honest with yourself and go buy a new car or game or whats popular at the time you aren't going to downgrade to an inferior model, you want to keep upgrading and getting the newer model. Its the same in this game the androids are constanly being upgraded and people are buying the newer, smarter model.


Walking is controlled by the left joystick, camera movement with the right. Interacting within the game is done with the coloured buttons.

The game is fast paced and you don't have much time to make decisions.

The game sometimes gives you optional tasks that can make more options available in future.

         Connor                                                       Markus                                           Kara

You begin as a character named Conner. He is an android and his primary objective is to hunt down deviants (robots that break their progamming) Connor is voice by Bryan Dechart, who also provided the motion capture for the character.

                            Connor                                    &                                Bryan Dechart

                                                                    Voice actor

The second player character you meet is Markus, a home helper for an old man name Carl, who is an artist.

                                 Markus                                         &                                Jesse Williams

                                                                             Voice actor

The third and final playable character you play as is Kara, a home servant. Her primary programming is to clean and cook for the house.

a                                      Kara                               &                                Valorie Curry

                                                                   Voice Actor

How I would rate this game:

Story is fantastic really good. It sends a message to the world to respect each other. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Gameplay is good, very intense at moments but characters seem sluggish when you're walking around 9 out of 10.

Graphics are amazing, it looks so realistic 10 out of 10.

Audio is great, sound 10 out of 10.

Final Opinion:

I would recommend this game to anyone.

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