Robo Recall


Robo Recall is an exclusive game for the Oculus Rift and is probably the most fun exclusive game for the rift. it is a first person shooter. its made by epic games the creators of unreal engine and free for anyone to play who has Oculus Touch controllers.


The story is very similar to the film I robot starring Will Smith, in the future humanoid robots walk the streets, do chores and help people in their day to day lives. They’re all shiny plastic and metal, interconnected and semi-intelligent, but something happens and the robots go from helping people to killing people.
Your mission is to bring in rogue robots in the only way you know how, blasting them or (more fun) ripping them to bits.There are three sections of the city with three missions in each for a total of nine separate levels to play. Two missions in each sector are multi-chapter mini-stories, the third is your typical boss battle.

Gameplay and Controls

There are three different tasks that can constitute a mission. The first is simply shoot everything that moves to clear an area; the second you’re tasked with defending a robo relay from an onslaught of bots, and the third is a capture-them-alive type mission, where you have to shove intact robots into a big vortex thing that sucks them up for analysis. The third is definitely the most fun in my opinion. Each mission is a combination of each type of gameplay and also has certain challenges to complete which can unlock weapond and upgrades.

One of the best things about the game is that the weapons feel like they have real weight to them. Their accuracy is wholly dependent on your accuracy. You have to aim down the sights and pull the trigger gently – or frantically if a hoard of bots are bearing down on you. I even found that closing one eye while aiming down the sights, as you might if you were target shooting with the real thing, helped with my accuracyRobo Recall uses a teleport system to move around the place, which helps avoid VR sickness and becomes another weapon in your armoury. Press the thumbstick on the Oculus Touch, point to the place you want to jump to and rotate the stick to point in the direction you want to face. Normally that means jumping to a new location up the street or on top of a building or car, but you can also jump right up to a robot.

Graphics and Audio

the graphics are good for a vr game, some vr games dont have very good graphics but Robo Recall has good graphics and while playing it, it really felt like i was in  the world and very realistic in some ways. the sound quality is actully quite good with some minor flaws but mostly very impressive.

Replay Value

the game is fun so replaying it can be good after finishing the main game but it does get boring after a while its very repetative so because of that i wouldnt replay it many times many once or twice cause its not a bad game but theres no real etra content to keep you around. with that being said i dont think it has much replay value.


after playing this game i found myself getting board after a while of playing it. its a very readative game in my opinion so i didnt even finish the story or get to the end game to see if it was worth it or if there was extra content beacuse the base game was a little bit reatative but still it is a very good game and feels like you are actully in the world, the graphics and sound quality are very good for a vr game it defintly stands out from other vr games.

Final Verdict



Gameplay and Controls


Graphics and Audio


Replay Value 


Final Score


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