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Watch Dogs is an action-adventure vide this game is an open world game where u and do the story or mess about with user in environment the game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It was released worldwide on May 27, 2014

Initial release Date May 27, 2014
series watch dogs
Developer Ubisoft Montrea
composer Brian Reitzel
Designer Danny Belanger


it available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 3 models

 Back Story

The story first begins as we look towards a hotel named “The Merlaut” where first we get a glimpse of our encounter of our main character Aiden Pearce.  Alongside his accomplice Damien, he is doing a job hacking into security systems, laptops, mobile phones, and bank details of famous celebrities and ATMs and he then lastly hacks into the core router. Damien made a joke while they were hacking the system saying, “God bless the rich and famous” also calling himself “the modern-day magicians. Siphoning bank accounts out of thin air”

 And then of warning pops up on Damien’s screen. Damien goes to investigate as Pierce decides against it, but Damien persists to find this unknown hacker. Security system was triggered. Suddenly, they get locked out of the system and Aiden Pearce runs for the door after being spotted by security guard as Damien called out for his help. Aiden Pearce told him that he's done that he's getting out of there. It then goes to a scene where a man called Maurice is contacted to put a hit on Aiden Pearce even his family if necessary Then Maurice says “I’ll scare them good. You’ll never hear from him again”

Then cuts to a scene where two bikers approached the vehicle from the back where Aiden Pearce was driving, and his niece Lena was in the back.  One of bikers fired back at the vehicle hitting the front driver front tire causing the vehicle to skid sideways and started to roll. The last thing you see a kid’s teddy bear falling out of the crash vehicle and out onto the road. The scene fades to black and then 11 months later then the   the city loads in and the camera zooms in to the city out pops the logo “Watch Dogs”

Next scene is a bloody Maurice crawling across the room with Aiden slowly following him. Aiden demands a name of who ordered the hit. Maurice in his bloody sate said “I don’t know any names” in a scared voice. Then Aiden proceeds by pulling out his phone and replay a phone call between him and an unidentified person. Aiden then proceeds to grab his throat pushing Maurice against storage shelves. Aiden continues to say I’ll give you a name, Lena Pearce”. Maurice tries to convince Aiden that he didn’t know kids were involved. Aiden pulls out a semi auto pistol and points at Maurice to try to scare him into telling him a name. Aiden is determined to get revenge for his murdered niece.

Game Play

 Watch dog 1 has a very fun game play in what u can interact with urea environment and use it to advantage like for example to distracted npc   buy activating machinery or trigging alarm and can even wound or kill them  what piece of the environment you u. and there a mutable rang of vetches u can use ranges from bike to cars to truck and boats


or main is is Aden Pearce is his little sister Nicole Pearce

Levelling System
 the levelling up system is easy to under each one level up the pic in front of it for example the starring weel will level up user driving 


the controls a very easy to pick for 

the driving controls

online mode 

when u doing mission online
 odder player can join u and install a back door in to ure game our job is to find them and kill them u can all so do that to odder players by pulling up phone


Assault Rifles


                                                                              ACR .


                                                               Spec Ops SMG-11 


                                                                        Spec Ops 1911 








Sniper Rifles



Grenade Launchers


mine game modes


In this trip the player will play as Aiden in the darkened Chicago governed and controlled by robots commanded by the ctos  the you will start without weapons being able to perform take downs                                                                           

this gameplay is manly stealth not to be seen and to get to uer objectives

u can unlock wapens by level up and geting xp

The player is sent over the district of Chicago in a Spider Tank. The player has to complete specific goals and objectives

The player controls a mechanical spider, which comes with the option of two available: The machine gun and the rocket launcher, where one serves as a versatile. Next, there are close-combat/melee attacks, where the spider can attack any nearby police car and destroy them instantly
There's a Spider-Tank HUD icon that represents the general health of uer spider tank so uer not invitbel


·         Taking out a certain number of cops.
·         Destroying vehicles (any type).
·         Destroying satellite beacons placed on buildings.
·         Taking out the police helicopter (at first presence).
·         Destroying armored trucks (Convoys)
·         Destroying an L-Train.

there is 17 maps in this min game

1 first bloom
2 T-minus Zero
3 High in Pawnee
4 River Bounce
5 crosstown Hop
6 Flip out
7 Narrow Space
8 morning Glory
9 Dream Factory
10 Hide and Seek
11 The Other Side
12 Pot Pourri
13 The Shores of Reality
14 High on speed
15 tree hugger
16 lowrider
17 Spiritual Growth

Objectives  jump for flower to flower

madness is a game mod in wach dogs 

       let me tell a little about madness  The player is place in  a heavily armored car in a post-                       apocalyptic Chicago 

 game play of madness 

 Take control of the madness a heavily armoured car with a heavy Armor pleat covering the car you be  will be pretty save inside from the demens 

The control 

 the driving is the same as the man game watch dogs

to Run over as many demons as possible 

online mode 

when u doing mission online
 odder player can join u and install a back door in to ure game our job is to find them and kill them u can all so do that to odder players by pulling up phone

map online 


The graphics has chance of or time and in the image blow u can see the defriend in the console u play


in game list of songs 


·         Cold Night in Chicago by Danny Chiasson & The 11th Hour
·         He Used to Be by The Right Now
·         Move on Up by Curtis Mayfield
·         No Number by Mike Golden & Friends
·         Talk by Julia Klee
·         Awake by JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound

·   Blues

·         Blues Before Sunrise by Elmore James and His Broom dusters
·         Howling’ For My Darlin’ by Howling’ Wolf
·         Kick Me to The Curb by Lil’ Ed and the Blues Imperials
·         Yes, Machine by Paul Cary
·         You Burnt Me by Lil Ed’ and the Blues Imperials

·        Jazz

·         Bright Idea by Drew Grass
·         Cluj Nanocap by Bryan Doherty Band
·         Scott Free by Matt Ulery

·         Hip Hop

·         C.R.E.A.M by Wu-Tang clan
·         Break It Down by Kidz In The hall
·         Day by Day by Longshot
·         Day’N’Nite by Kid Cudi
·         Feds Watchin’ (Feat. Pharrel) by 2 Chainz
·         Gas Station (Feat. Bun B) by The Cool Kids
·         I Shall Not Be Moved by Public Enemy
·         Invincible by MGK
·         Old Lock It Down by Treologic
·         One Mic by Nas

·         Out to Lunch (Feat. The Kid Daytona) by Kidz In the Hall

Story like it was very interesting it make u get u involved with the character 6 out of 10

Game Play
The is very I love open old and using the 8 out of 10

The sound in game was very good 5 out of 10

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