the behind story   minecaft is u in a sandbox world were anything is possible


Initial release date May 17, 2009        
Rating everyone 10+
Founder Markus person
Designers Markus person jens Bergensten

Developers Mojang Markus person Xbox game studios 4J studios other ocean interactive

Platforms:Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Java  xbox window 10


the game play in minecraft alowes u to ues uer amagashen in was whare u and play roleplay mod were u can be a farmer or a miner or a bilder bild inkredel things 


the character u playas is what skin u put on thare muthpels the of skin u can pick from from form the smimsins to docther who  

online mode 
u  can play with uer frend or u can play the battel mode 

grafics 5 out of 10
sound5 out 10
gameplay 10 ot 10 

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